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We condemn the Myanmar military's approval of the execution of democracy activists.

Myanmar's military must withdraw its execution approval and release all detained citizens!

It has been a year and four months since Myanmar's military junta seized control of Myanmar through an illegal coup. Myanmar's military, which has detained and arrested civilians protesting the military coup, authorized the execution of 88-generation student movement leader Ko Jimmy, a former lawmaker of the National League for Democracy (NLD) Phyo Zeya Thaw, and two civilians on June 3. They have led rebel activities since the coup in February last year. After being arrested by the junta last year, they were sentenced to death in January this year on charges of violating the anti-terrorism law. It is absurd that the military junta that illegally seized power approved the execution of democracy activists fighting to restore democracy in Myanmar. 177 Korean civil society organizations strongly condemn the Myanmar military's approval of executions and urge them to scrap their execution plans immediately.

Myanmar's military has slaughtered innocent civilians since the February coup last year. As of June 2022, at least 1,900 people were killed and 14,000 arrested. The number of deaths and injuries in the areas inhabited by ethnic minorities has not even been confirmed, as indiscriminate bombing is still being carried out. Oppression of citizens and politicians who oppose the military also continues. One hundred fourteen people have already been sentenced to death for violating the anti-terrorism law. Under these circumstances, authorizing the execution of Myanmar's pro-democracy activists is an infringement on the right to life, freedom and safety of individuals and an act of terror against those who oppose the military rule.

Above all, the judicial system operated and controlled by the Myanmar military cannot be considered to have conducted a fair investigation, prosecution, and trial. In short, the entire process of arrest and judgment has no legitimacy. In particular, the military's approval of executions in Myanmar, where executions have not been carried out since 1976, clearly shows how anti-humanitarian the military junta is. Myanmar military's approval of executions is nothing but violence inflicted on citizens by unjustified power. The illegal military government must not kill Myanmar's democracy activists for fighting for the recovery of peace and democracy.

Korean civil society groups once again warn Myanmar's military, which tramples on democracy and takes the lives of its citizens. Historically, power maintained at the expense of innocent citizens has been strongly judged in return. Myanmar's military must withdraw the execution of anti-dictators and immediately release thousands of civilians arrested and detained after the coup without any strings attached.

June 14th, 2022

177 Korean Civil Society Organizations

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